A Better Way To Manage Anxiety Disorders With CBD

Everyone has a case of nerves now and then, but anxiety disorders are very different. A class of mental health concerns that relate to both the intensity of a person’s reaction and what they’re reacting to. It’s normal to be afraid when running from a wild animal, for example.

Anxiety disorders are diagnosed when someone has a panic or severe anxiety response to otherwise typical things. Specific phobias, social anxieties, or even panic disorder, where intense panic happens with no real warning or identifiable trigger, can all be under the category of anxiety disorders.

While medical marijuana is useful for many different conditions, it can worsen anxiety. The chemical CBD, or cannabidiol, is derived from hemp, and does not have the mind-altering or euphoric effects of THC or cannabis. It offers some of the same anxiolytic benefits as anti-anxiety medications, without the side effects.

Drawing the line between regular nervousness and clinical anxiety can be hard for someone who isn’t a mental health professional. Diagnosed anxiety often significantly interferes with a person’s life. They may have a hard time focusing on other tasks, getting an appropriate amount of sleep, or taking care of themselves. This can lead to other health problems; someone who has social anxiety or a particular phobia, for example, might struggle to get enough exercise and develop cardiovascular or metabolic health concerns, for example.

The availability of CBD means that those who are managing anxiety disorders may be able to get natural relief that they have been unable to receive. The medications that are often prescribed to manage anxiety can be sedating, give a foggy quality to thoughts, or cause other undesirable side effects. CBD has virtually no risks compared to other medications and is naturally derived. Specifically, it is derived from hemp plants, not cannabis; this makes it legal to sell and use in all 50 states.

CBD works to mitigate and manage anxiety by interacting with specific receptors in the brain that cause anxiety. CBD makes these receptors less reactive, creating less overall response.

Although CBD has been more thoroughly studied as a tool for managing chronic pain, early studies regarding its relationship to anxiety have been very successful. One study specifically found that CBD could specifically relieve anxiety in patients who are managing social phobias; CBD improved their anxiety levels, cognitive impairment, and overall discomfort before public speaking. Another study showed that CBD could have a significant positive impact on anxiety in those who have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder.

By reducing overall anxiety, CBD can help:

  • Improve the ability to get to sleep and stay asleep
  • Reduce anxiety both in specific situations and in more generalized settings
  • Possibly reduce panic in those with panic disorders be reducing the body’s overall stress response
  • Reduced muscle tension, fewer headaches, and a reduction in other elements of chronic pain

There is no set cause for anxiety disorders; most doctors believe that there is a combination of environment and genetics at play. Those who have an immediate family member with a diagnosis of anxiety are often more likely to be diagnosed with anxiety themselves. But anxiety can also arise from environmental causes without any sign of a family history.

Medical or supplement treatments for anxiety disorders are often most effective when they are used in conjunction with a mental health professional. Anxiety disorders sometimes coexist with other conditions like substance abuse, alcoholism, eating disorders, depression, and more; trying to treat an anxiety disorder without addressing these other factors may not be as successful.

Anxiety disorders can be difficult to treat medically; finding a treatment that is effective but does not cause significant side effects can be complicated. CBD can help people improve their quality of life by mitigating their anxiety disorder, allowing them to do the work they need to do to manage their anxiety in a more permanent way.

So what is a trusted source to buy CBD oil from?

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