Hi. I am Guy Nimrod, I am 54 years old, divorced, have two daughters, I am a Psychotherapist and life coach.
I am defined as legally blind (P.R) but actually teaches those who see - How to see!

My story begins in 2003 in a fatal car accident when a vehicle hit me from behind while I was standing at a red light ...
Since that day I live by the saying: there is life before the accident and there is life after.

Until 2003 I worked as an information systems programmer. Back then I was married with 2 daughters, and on the outside, everything looked fine.

In fact I was frustrated, my relationship was empty, I was overweight and if at that point in time I thought my life was "lousy"... 2003 came and showed me that it could be much worse.

That same year I lost my marriage, my work and had a fatal car accident that left me with severe head, neck and back injuries and even worse: Legally blind!

That is where my story begins, which I define as a meeting of Karma with Drama.

Back then I suffered tremendous pain as you can imagine. My orthopedist told me that conventional medicine has nothing to offer me, a psychiatrist could only offer me was a chemical treatment and my ophthalmologist told me I am legally blind.

I returned home frustrated started looking online for solutions that will not involve medicine.

I had to recruit all the spiritual knowledge I had acquired during my life and realized that I was at the beginning of a new journey that was supposed to lead me somewhere.

After a few days I watched a film called "Shall We Dance" with Richard Gere and I was very impressed with his gray figure looking for something to make him happy,  and he finds the solution in the dance.

I decided to learn to dance and at the same time I began to learn several methods of training and mental therapy. I took the personal process that I went through with all the methods I specialized in, and created a unique mix called: "Dancing Your Life".

In 2012 my 75-year-old father was diagnosed with brain cancer.  This story has led me to explore more deeply the issue of longevity and health improvement by harnessing the natural abilities of the body to heal by alternative methods.

Then I went to see my master of Tai Chi, who himself has learned to deal with cancer naturally even though doctors told him more than 15 years ago that he had only six months to live!

In my conversation with him, the main sentence that was engraved in my memory was: "Nature has all the healing power we need, and the rest we need to do with the help of our faith and will power".

My master taught me about the use of medical marijuana (and CBD in particular) as a natural treatment for many aspects of our lives.

Since then, I've helped thousands of people make changes and create a better quality of life both by coaching and the therapy methods I learned, enabling people to improve their health and contribute to their longevity.

Would you like to learn how can I help you too? Contact me NOW! I am looking forward to speaking with you.